Mp4moviez Download Bollywood And Hollywood Movies

Mp4moviez Download Bollywood And Hollywood Movies

Mp4moviez is a popular piracy website that allows users to download the latest Bollywood and South Indian movies illegally. Launched in 2011, the website has emerged as one of the most visited torrent sites for Indian movies over the past decade. Mp4moviez enables users to download new movie releases in different formats like MP4, AVI, and MKV shortly after their theatrical release, causing significant losses to film producers.

In recent years, Mp4moviez has expanded its reach by creating various mirror and proxy sites. This allows the website to stay operational even when its main domain is blocked by internet service providers on orders from the government and court. The website operators also frequently change its domain extension from .com to .org, .in, .tv, and more to avoid getting caught.

Mp4moviez Download Bollywood: History and Background

Mp4moviez was reportedly created in 2011 by an anonymous group of developers in India. The website gained popularity by offering new Bollywood and South movies for download within days of their release. This filled a gap left by other major torrent sites that focused more on Hollywood content.

Initially, Mp4moviez provided movies in smaller AVI and 3GP formats suited for mobile devices. But as internet speeds improved in India, it started offering movies in HD formats like 720p and 1080p resolution. The website interface was designed to be simple and easy to navigate even for non-tech-savvy users.

Over the years, Mp4moviez has faced opposition from film studios, anti-piracy groups, and internet service providers. But each time the original website was blocked, the operators moved it to a new domain to continue functioning. They also encouraged users to access the site via VPNs and proxies when needed.

Recent Updates on Mp4moviez in 2023

Despite numerous crackdowns, Mp4moviez continues to be fully operational in 2023 and provides quick access to the latest Bollywood and South Indian movies:

  • In January 2023, the site leaked several highly anticipated films like Pathaan, Varisu, Thunivu, and Michael within hours of their theatrical release. These movies faced major financial losses due to easy availability on Mp4moviez.
  • The site currently has movies from 2022 like Brahmastra, KGF Chapter 2, RRR, Vikram, and Kantara available for free downloading and streaming in HD quality.
  • In February 2023, movies like Shehzada, Ant-Man Quantumania, Selfiee, and The Marvels were leaked on Mp4moviez on their release date.
  • Mp4moviez has an extensive catalog of older movies from 2010 to 2021 as well. Users can browse movies by year or search for a specific title.
  • Along with Hindi and South Indian films, the site also hosts some Hollywood, Chinese, and Pakistani movies with English subtitles.
  • The site is frequently updated with new proxy domains, mirrors, and streaming links to ensure smooth access despite ISP blocks.

How Mp4moviez Operates and Makes Money

Mp4moviez is able to obtain and leak new movies through a global piracy network. The website has tie-ups with pirate groups that camcord movies inside theaters and share the prints online. Once a cam print is available, the team encodes it into downloadable formats and uploads within hours.

The site generates revenue through online advertising programs like Google AdSense. When users click on the ads or popups on Mp4moviez, it earns money for each view or click. This ad revenue model sustains its operations and avoids relying on subscriptions.

Mp4moviez also utilizes free hosting platforms and domains to minimize infrastructure costs. The website only requires storage for movie files which is cheaply available on cloud platforms. This enables the site owners to run the piracy operations profitably with minimal overheads.

Impact of Mp4moviez on the Movie Industry

Mp4moviez is considered one of the most damaging torrent sites for Bollywood and South Indian films. The movie studios have lost huge amounts of expected revenue due to the easy availability of new releases on Mp4moviez.

When movies leak online immediately, many viewers opt to simply download or stream them for free instead of going to the theaters. This directly dents the box office earnings during those crucial early weeks after release.

A recent survey suggests that over 60% of internet users in India have accessed piracy websites like Mp4moviez to download or stream movies. The widespread cultural acceptance of such piracy leads to massive losses each year.

The owners of Mp4moviez remain anonymous and untouched by law enforcement agencies. This allows them to operate brazenly without fear of prosecution. Unless stronger laws and crackdowns on such sites occur, the growth of piracy websites will continue to hurt the revenue of Indian film industry.

Efforts to Stop Mp4moviez

Indian film studios, anti-piracy groups, and government authorities have made several efforts over the years to curb Mp4moviez:

  • Film studios routinely send takedown notices to Google and hosting providers to remove links to Mp4moviez from search results.
  • Courts have passed orders for internet service providers to block access to the Mp4moviez domain and IP addresses.
  • The government has also instructed ISPs to block mirror and proxy sites of Mp4moviez. But new mirrors reappear quickly after old ones are blocked.
  • Private agencies have initiated distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on Mp4moviez servers to disrupt services. But the website shifts to new hosting providers to come back online.
  • The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) previously raided the residences of alleged Mp4moviez operators. But the lack of strong anti-piracy laws makes convictions difficult.
  • Awareness campaigns have been launched urging the public not to use piracy websites. But changing social attitudes remains a gradual process.

Unless piracy websites owners like Mp4moviez are identified and punished, content creators will continue to face revenue losses from illegal downloads. Stronger international cooperation and cybersecurity laws are required to address this global menace.


In conclusion, Mp4moviez remains a highly popular piracy hub for getting free but illegal downloads of new Bollywood and South Indian movies. Its impact on the film industry’s revenues has been very detrimental over the past decade. Movie studios are attempting to curb it through court orders, website blocks, and public awareness campaigns.

But Mp4moviez continues to thrive due to lax cyber laws and easy availability of new domains and hosting platforms. Law enforcement agencies will need to coordinate across borders and crack down on such websites with more urgency. Unless the problem of movie piracy is addressed at its roots, websites like Mp4moviez will continue to flourish at the expense of creative artists and filmmakers.

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